Curse of Years is a Mythic raiding guild on Arathor EU Horde.

With our short 3 days by 3 hours raiding schedule we aim to clear content while it is current on a slim schedule. Our guild is based on solid values with an emphasis on efficiency and teamplay.

We prove that you can honour your real-life commitments of work, family and school, and still raid the hardest content. This could well be the guild you have been looking for!

  • Mythic Krosus

    Krosus bites the... water. We r back on track with progression and hopefully unforeseen issues won't stop us again. A clean kill compared to all the tries before when people were checking the temperature of water, what is that green laser and if they are able to fight underwater when bridge falls.
  • Trillux the joke boss

    Can't say much about this boss as it took about 2.5 pull to get him down with little effort. Nonetheless good job and keep killin'! Of course the kill was sponsored by Cake Eaters.
  • Chronomatic Anomaly Mythic

    Another boss bite the dust with a slightly longer time frame than expected but still. Good job getting this done, lets keep movin and not stopin'!
  • Skorpyron Mythic

    A good start of new raid tier which first boss being down first few attempts. A very good damn looking raid to be in, can't wait for more kills! Keep it up ladies and gents.
  • Mythic Helya Realm First!

    Horde has finally snatch the Realm First from Alliance! Mythic Helya has been killed by us as 299 in world, giving us 293 rank. That is a great achievement which wouldn't be possible without YOU being there. Awesome job from everyone, no matter if you were on kill or not!