Curse of Years is a Mythic raiding guild on Arathor EU Horde.

With our short 3 days by 3 hours raiding schedule we aim to clear content while it is current on a slim schedule. Our guild is based on solid values with an emphasis on efficiency and teamplay.

We prove that you can honour your real-life commitments of work, family and school, and still raid the hardest content. This could well be the guild you have been looking for!

Our latest updates:

  • Legion is coming..

    Myself and Officer team would like to thank everyone for all the commitment and dedication you gave us during Warlords of Draenor. I'm very proud and happy to be able to lead this guild so far and hope that we can still perform as good as now in Legion (or even better!).

    Till next week!
  • Archimonde Mythic defeated!

    It's always a pleasure and joyful time when we achieve a full clear of every Raid Tier in each expansion on highest difficulty level. As a GM and in the name of whole officer team we are proud to have such a great team in here. Videos are up!

    Awesome job everyone, let's keep it up in Legion!
  • Mythic Mannoroth owned by the One Ring.

    A series of failed attempts, not very optimistic start of the fight? Still, we manage to get this bloody Manno down. It might have been more comfortable fight if we had more then... 1 Death Knight. In Curse of Years, thought.. we always go against inevitable and all odds. We did it lads, Archi hype!
  • Mythic Tyrant – “Evasion!! Pop Evasion!!”

    If we keep getting bosses down this way I will end up taking pills to chill out after. We showed that 0,1% with 500k makes our Rogues aware of "evasion" button and we didn't failed! Great thriller that ended nicely after 1st day this week. Good start!!