Curse of Years is a Mythic raiding guild on Arathor EU Horde.

With our short 3 days by 3 hours raiding schedule we aim to clear content while it is current on a slim schedule. Our guild is based on solid values with an emphasis on efficiency and teamplay.

We prove that you can honour your real-life commitments of work, family and school, and still raid the hardest content. This could well be the guild you have been looking for!

  • N’zoth N’more

    He's been dead about three weeks, so I should probably post something.
    Another tier over, another climb in the rankings thanks to a speedy pre-Nerf N'zoth kill.
  • New Tier – New Peak

    The Hivemind have admittedly ran Harry over with more rolleybois than than he's had hot potnoodles, but resident Peak Adventurer-Doctor knew a thing or two about setting things on fire or, I believe the modern vernacular would describe it "being lit".
  • Queens Court Closed

    After the failure of military commanders, big fish, GIANT enemy crab-lady and a big squid, Queen Azshara's cunning ploy to defeat us with FLAGS unexpectedly fails, shocking leading Naga military theorists and generals alike.

    "This isn't like WSG at all" - Silivaz von Clausewitz