Argus has been dead for weeks now, good effort, though nowhere near as fast as I’d like. Thankfully we’ve gained a bunch of Swedes and our roster is looking stronger than ever going into BFA, so hopefully we’ll be crawling up the rankings to the top 10 ranking we deserve.

A huge thankyou to everyone who’s been a part of the ride – this expansion has killed an awful lot of guilds, considering the turmoil we’ve been through over the course of it it’s a miracle that we’ve survived, more impressive is the fact that we didn’t lose a single member over the pretty grueling Argus progression.
Thankyou everyone who’s stuck it out and made the kill possible, whether you were wiping us to rages or sat on the bench. I’m serious when I say I think we’re going into the next expansion stronger than ever, which is a pretty nice situation to be in after Legions fight to survive and it wouldn’t have been possible without the loyalty and dedication that people have shown to stick around through the rough times and make this work.