Jaina ded 9/9

Another lovely kill under the belt, despite having to re-progress the fight from more or less scratch when half our healing team and our ballista operator took a 1 month vacation due to doping on xp pots.

Nicer than grabbing a realm first we thought was impossible after the bans came in is knowing we could have done a damnsight better this tier if it wasn’t for that and some earlier mistakes *cough*Grong*cough*, and the only thing sweeter than that is finally having her down after what felt like a dozen 1% wipes.
My eternal thanks to the team that got the kill and the people who were benched but were there every night to fill in for our depressingly common need for a substitute when tech issues, real life or some other issue caused someone to be missing, special mention to SHOCKMASTER Walk for coming out of retirement to get her down.

Now to farm up some kills for everyone missing it before letting our eyes drift over to the hellhole that is Crucible of Storms, because hey, Crucible may have two of the hardest looking bosses released in memory and is bringing back the star sign mechanic that we nailed back in Nighthold, but at least it doesn’t have any Avalanches.