About us

Curse of Years is tailor-made for raiders who want to raid Mythic content on a reasonable schedule. Our goal is the simple one of clearing each tier before new raid content is released.


We have very accessible raid times at 21:00 server time and a raid duration of just 3 hours, including a 10 minute break. Our emphasis is on being as efficient as possible with a productive but enjoyable atmosphere and plenty of competency within the team. We have one optional raid a week (Sunday), this is often used for heroic farm once we’re progressing Mythic, we appreciate and encourage people to attend, but it’s not mandatory.
We don’t run split raids so your main is your only requirement, but we obviously expect it to be kitted out to the standards of Mythic raiding and for players to turn up with the correct consumables, though feasts and vantus runes are often provided.


Information about our current recruitment can be found here. Get in touch if you have an interest in applying, officer battletags are listed on the page if you need more information, otherwise an application is necessary on the forums.

Guild Management

Guild is led by the Guild Master Nagassh, along with an officer team consisting of Siccy, Gnarl and Balue.

Guild History

Curse of Years guild was created in December 2013 as a merge consisting of two established guilds. These guilds were Myst from Arathor and Misanthropy from Draenor. Both guilds were 10 man guilds that wanted to keep raiding the hardest content available.

After Blizzcon 2013 and the Mythic raiding announcement as well as changes to raid size, both guilds looked for a perfect match. Thanks to Grodian (Myst guild ex-Guild Master) and Yse (Misanthropy ex-Guild Master)  the guilds found each other and a few weeks later managed to merge successfully as Curse of Years on Arathor server.

Curse of Years then scored realm second Garrosh Heroic Kill. Over the course of the next few expansions the guild has proven to be incredibly durable, outlasting and absorbing other guilds on the server and establishing itself as the Horde raiding guild on the server thanks to a mix of some impressive feats such as a Realm First Helya kill and the dedication and determination of it’s members meaning it’s lasted when many other guilds have disbanded.

Arathor Server

We are based on Arathor server, horde side, and are merged with Hellfire-EU.