Plebkin incomming! ^^

If you wish to apply to us, this is the place for you!

by Keshuan » 17 Dec 2019, 20:56

Hey my name is Phil and iam from Berlin – Germany. Currently i study and try to get my ass down on some papers to do. In the meantime beside that i work in a supermarket and play wow ^^
Other stuff i like to do is bingewatching and hang out with friends. ... kalisandre
Is my char and my tag is Keshuan#1369

I started playing my moonkin for Eternal Palace and so my main source for information about the class was first after a while i checked discord, use raidbots and watch some streamers.
So my statsweight are changing between haste/krit in prior to tohers. My Hearthlevel is 70 and i got all fraction on 19999/10000 for a headstart in the next content. Also got all the sweet Benthics pretty early in the content. Iam pretty up-to-date to such preparations :)

Also if ur looking for a m+ healer cause thats one of the reasons i switched to boomi this tier. My main at Uldir and Dazar Alor was this lil mage here ... =5&zone=21. ///
Due the fact i modify my ui pretty often i send u two pics :) ... ybracket=0
I cant send u links to the latest fights because they are hidden and i cant see em for myself :/ but i guess u can get a good overwiev about my playstyle. All logs from the link are open so u can check my behavior and so on during progression. Mostly i play a lil bit too safe but guess i can fix that if needed.

I raided with Depleted Gaming from BFA start till now but didnt enjoy the latest raid atmosphere there. Too many ppl didnt prepare for the raidtier and the fights and didnt listen to calls and so on. Thats why i decided to look around for a new guild with the same spirit. Also i've got all CE except Crucible done (G'huun 1516 / Dazar'alor 1067 / Crucible just HC 743 and EP Nov 21. with another guild).

As mentioned above i play at progress rly safe and mostly looking for timers and a feeling for an encounter. When did occur overlaps and i need def-cds or when can i just my dmg cd and so on. Also i speak out if there is something that could be done better during a fight or where are problems (for example i make a whole dps calculation for azshvane in my previous guild and how much overall dps we need to 2 phase it cause the third tank wasnt prepared for his role at all).

I never healed in raid but could try it if u want, but most times we've got a healer for fight so there was no need. But i mainly play restoration in m+ and arena so there is a basic knowledge what to do.

Also i dont mind to get benched if needed for progress but kinda would love to get the rekill ;) For example Orgozoa is a stupid fight for Boomi and a Mage/Shadow would perform way better there.

So overall i would love to trial with u guys and girls and see if it clicks :) Besides that i would love to push for a higher rating in m+ and arena if u got someone for that too this would be a cool bonus ^.^

So a joke... nah iam german and currently not in my basement for that stuff. (iam better with memes and animal sound! o0)
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by Keshuan » 17 Dec 2019, 21:00

Quicklink to my mage was wrong :) ... =5&zone=21
here is the right one ^^
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by Siccy » 17 Dec 2019, 21:15

Thanks for applying. I've copied your app over to our members section for discussion. We'll get back to you in the coming few days.
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by Siccy » 17 Dec 2019, 21:27

Accepted for trial. Just contact us when Plebkin has arrived on the realm for an invite.
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