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by Ralu » 07 Feb 2020, 01:28

Dear readers/Officers or similar,

thanks already for reading this application. It might be a little longer here and there because I'm not good at keeping it short, but that way you maybe get to know me better anyways so here we go.

My name is Bruno, I'm 21 years old, (if you didn't identify by the name, I'm male) and I live in Cologne, Germany.

With my 21 years of age I just recently started an apprenticeship in August 2019, in the working field of IT. So that also suits my interests very well. I'm someone playing a lot PC in general (not only wow), and I actually call gaming my hobby. Else than that I like swimming and skating (second I am doing just for fun and mostly for going from one place to another, Cologne is not that small of a city :D).
I'm also really into maths and physics (quite suiting my work field as well), I've even started studying both to become a teacher, but stopped that after half of a year :P. I'm very sure there's lots more I like but it doesn't get to my mind right now. Sorry!

Character Information:

Armory Link: ... aeden/ralu

Battletag: Raluno#2391

My choice of talents (and why):

Shadow word: Void - It's one of the 2 playable talents for raid, almost everyone uses them. I like the fact to have 2 stacks of mindblast and the increased insanity it generates (including the Azerite trait whispers of the damned even pumping it up harder). Unlike FotM it makes me more viable using Shadow word: Void a lot and keeping good VF uptimes. In general I don't really now what much to explain here, it sims the best, and I've played with it since I started playing Shadow priest. If FotM would scale better and I wouldn't like Shadow word Void this much, I would also pick that one.

Body and Soul - For me this is standard for the increased movement speed. Shadows mobility is to say it friendly, very bad, and this helps out improving this aspect. Depending on progress and raidfights I also often swap to San'layn for increased healing, making healers life a bit easier (good example would be Maut, I used it there on my Mythic clear), or to Intangibility. This one I would only use if theres fights where I have to solo soak something or heavily rely on it's cd to be shorter and the healing from it. Was very good during Queen's Court Progress to solo soak the charge :).

Twist of Fate - Go to Talent for single target fights, executing 10% more damage is very huge on a lot of fights (e.g. Maut, Skitra, Xanesh, Shadhar and so on). I use misery for cleave heavy fights (Hivemind, Ilgynoth, Vexiona, Drestagath, Nzoth etc.) to keep my dots up on as much targets as I can. Dark void I'll pass on this one. Only usable for Mythic+ or for fights like Zul and even in this it was only very decent.

Psychic Horror - Personal preference, I like the ability to stun me chasing targets or if targets need a stun. Only going for Last word if theres no adds that need to be to cc'ed and I need the shorter kick cd (shadow's kick is so long cd, you almost never need to kick, happened rarely to me that I skill it).

Auspicious Spirits - With recent "bug" fixing of Shadowcrash, I always use this. Increased insanity generation and more ghost damage (thats what I focus on with my azerite traits as well). Shadowcrash not in this raidtier (in my opinion, haven't seen the use yet, maybe carapace, but not really). Shadow word : Death is unplayable, it's outscaled to heavily.

Lingering Insanity - More haste after bigger voidforms, with BoD buffs this was the go to (decaying every 3 seconds from every 2 seconds) from previous 8.0 Uldir where Mindbender was almost always used for me. Sims the best by far and I like the increased haste. Also haste is the go to stat as shadow so no more to say for this one. Void torrent is outscaled just like Mindbender in raids.

Legacy of the Void - 5% increased spell damage and less casting time. What more would you want? DA is not my playstyle, I didn't even like it back in Uldir when it was stronger. LotV my personal favorite :). StM is unplayable in the current gamestate ^^ (too sad).

Stat priorities:
For now I try to stack crit > haste > vers > mastery > Intellect. On the one hand I do so because of Stat weights, and otherwise personal opinion: with the current nerfs of Chorus of Insanity with 8.3, it's hard to get as high crit % as in 8.2. This is why I like to stack about ~30% crit right now, as base stat. This also helps regarding current corruptions (I have twisted appendage) as well as with current damage on use trinkets.
If I would get in touch with more haste, I'd go for that too, haste is almost as good as crit for me currently. But I get a lot of haste from Lingering insanity + Voidforms + Overwhelming Power + Essences so thats how it goes. Of course I take corruption into consideration too, just not having infinite stars luck yet.

Where do I aquire knowledge about my Class:
Warcraft Priest discord, Icy veints (not really using it, cause it's not that perfect, more that beginner friendly type (personal opinion)), Warcraftlogs of course, Wowanalyzer, Watching streams of top tier shadows. Also often looking through logs / wowanalyzer when to use which cds or how others use it (uptimes etc), adjusting my playstyle trying to make it as perfect as I can.

My UI Image
This was just from nhc don't wonder, I just needed to do the screenshot ^^.
Also too bad, I have one actionbar mouseover, because it only contains cds which I see in my weakaura. Linking it here so you see how the keybindings are:
I link here twice, because during the preview it didn't display me any picture, nor the link.

State of Heart: level 78, 18%. After 75 I've been slacking only doing very little. I know thats a bad aspect, but since it's "only 3% hp" I think I'll have it when I really need it. But I pushed 75 in the first 3 days of 8.3 release by grinding over 150 islands which is something for the least.

Please don't ask me why warcraftlogs displays me as being on blackmoore, whilst wowarmory says it's on Kil'jaeden. I have transfered recently and it's bugged I don't know (I transferred to Kj).

Raiding History:
Oh god this will be longer sorry already.

Previous/Current raiding experience:
I started raiding mythic in 8.0 with Uldir as shadowpriest.
I have raided
Uldir 5/8 M (world rank doesnt doesnt matter)
BoD 9/9 M (800~world)
TeP 8/8 M (200~ world during progress)
Nyalotha 12/12 HC 3/12 M (doesn't matter because it's only early in the content and easy bosses)
In general I'm going to go in depth about these progresses in the next point during guilds. Cause admitingly I have been with a few already, shorter and longer with some.

Previous guilds and reasons for leaving:
I've started mythic raiding during end of uldir / start of bod with "Resistance-Anetheron". Raided until 5/9 BoD with them. I left, because I was treated like a child, because I was by far the youngest with 20 (at that time), so everyone thought I could be their punching bag. Also I didn't like the way the raidleader was coordinating the raid and his decisions while leading. He was just making fun of people who had good and new ideas or people who brought knowledge into new encounters.

I went to Tatortreiniger-Blackmoore I cleared BoD with them, when I joined their guild during Jaina progress (I've been with 300 of their total 350 boss trys), reclearing afterwards. I had to leave the guild, well I'll just say, some of them "couldn't deal" with how I am. By that time I've been talking a lot in raids (of course not during boss encounters but in reclears and so on). By now I've learned my lessons and improved regarding this problem.

Next guild Couch Drei-Aegwynn. Very quick: I joined them for reclears, did 3/8 M in TeP with them, but when we had long time weeks on Ashvane and wiped our ass off, I realised, that I could make more of my skills (that sounds so arrogant), but I expected more of that guild and yea. Before I joined them another guild also told me I could trial with them (they were about 200~ world), but by that time I already decided to go to the other guild. Also this guild were again not that nice of a community in general, some people just being assholes and making me not have too much fun in this raid. And thats for me really important. Fun!
After this "mess" and the opinion of being able to make more of myself, I left this guild and started my 6 weeks trial time during the progress of "Myth-blackmoore".

In this guild I was trial during reclears/progress and joined them when they just cleared 5/8 Mythic. I progressed Queens Court from 100% to kill, Za qul from 100% to kill and Azshara from 100% to 55% third phase (~about 250 trys).
By that time we killed Za'qul as world rank 190. After my trialship I've been added to the member roster.
Sadly I had to leave this guild during progress, because of reallife problems as well as my hardware being not the best past then.
I'm going to be honest I just started my apprenticeship during that time, being in a trialship there as well. I had some struggles and decided, that theres a correlation between my 4 days raiding and me not bringing good perfomances at work. I was scared that they might "kick me out" or something and decided when I'm through with my trialship I can return to WoW. So thats why i returned end of december/begin of january. In that regard it won't happen again, because I'm very solid in the company right now, also currently I'm raiding 3 days a week and everythings going well so.. Seems fine I guess :).
Hardware... Well my Gpu seemed to have a bug, and overheat to quickly, so after 2 minutes pc on, it was overheated and I had very big problems performance wise. During my break my PC broke, I sent it in, and they repaired it, I don't know what the problem was. But problem is not happening any more.

Right now I'm raiding with a guild called Fade-Gul'dan. I'm only 3 weeks here more or less. When I joined i thought this guilds people are not that bad people, but earlier this week/at weekend, I've realised what kind of people I joined.
For me raiding has the purpose of fun progressing through "unexplored" content. This guild is on the one hand very toxic, during every raid 3-5 people decide "mhm I just have to mute a,b,c, and x because they annoy me" but I dont know, thats not the atmosphere I want to have in a game and raid thats supposed to be fun for myself. Also the raidleader rather takes his best friends in fights, rather than classes that are actually better and stronger, bringing more utility and damage to the fights where it's needed (progress orientation).
And again, people don't believe me that I'm 21 xD. It sounds really sad, but I sound way way younger than I actually am. And I know that. By the 3 weeks I'm here now, I've been getting used to being the punching bag for when someone is mad, or others want to have fun, so lets just Bully Ralu/Bruno... I don't know, sure fun is one thing, but this is straight up no fun anymore. Yes I am complaining a little bit right now, but sadly that's my raid experience with these guys... I rather play where I have fun, theres nice atmosphere, where I can get to know people better and not everyone is just toxic... That's why I'm currently looking for any other guilds to pick me up (and yes my raidleaders do know of this).
If you have any further questions regarding this topic, feel free to ask me out later, I'll try to answer as good as I can and clear anything thats not clear enough.

More Information

Can I meet schedule of raiding times with 90% attendance:
Yes I do.

Additional Sunday raid during raid tier starts:
I am aware, and that's also no problem for me.

Listen and speak yeah. My primary language is german but I'm fluent in english as well.

Qualities I bring to raid:
I'm always good prepared and informed looking at new bosses and mechanics.
I try to improve as much as I can by looking at my own mistakes and what I can improve. As well as trying to help people if they fail, explaing what went wrong (not criticising just trying to help them improve).
I know my class very well, using it's utilities (Mass Dispel, Vampiric embrace, leap of faith) in the best situations, saving people or helping out healers.
If that's a thing you can bring in this situation it's concentration and sometimes fun... because raiding is fun! ^^

How comfortable am I playing my offspecs?
I haven't ever played healer in any raid environment, so my practical raid experience is not existing. I play discipline only for m+ and pvp. I'm sure if needed I should be able to master any of the other healing specs, but probably better with disc than as holy priest.

How do I feel about progress raiding?
It suits me, I like it. And it's what I've been doing since BoD almost non stop (except the break) and I have played in a guild about ~200 world so I feel like it's something I'm not that bad at either =).

Where did I hear about Curse of Years?
I've been looking through wowprogress for any progress raiding guilds that are looking for shadowpriests. And thats how I found you.
I don't know anyone from the guild.

What encourages me to apply to the guild?
This is what I think: I've been going through logs, comparing myself to some of your current roster. I do think I can compete with you guys :P! And well you're still looking for a shadowpriest. That's pretty much what makes me feel comfortable. I have good experience with raiding and I feel like I can fullfill your expectations. Also: I wouldn't apply to guilds who have 2 or more shadows. 1 shadow is good, 2 is perfect and everything beyond that is just someone being benched, cause sad but true, shadow didn't have the best start in 8.3, and will only get stronger over time. But even though, I feel like I can still play at the maximum of my what my gear and character can give me so. Yea thats what encourages me. In this situation I'm quite confident.

Do I play outside of raid?
Yea I do like to grind M+ (if anyone picks me as shadow up). Mostly going random. As well as during new content releases I tend to play as much as I can, grinding azerite power or similar. In general I like playing the game, and I'd say outside of raidtimes I'm 2-3 hours online daily on bad days, and 5-6+ hours on good days (especially on weekend). I have quite a lot of free time and since I consider gaming my hobby, I feel like that's what I want to do in my free time, also improving myself or focussing on the game/how to adjust and improve my playstyle.

Anything I want to add?
Well first of all, thanks for reading my application. I'm sorry if something didnt work out with the bbcode, its the first time I've ever seen this (but it sounds very nice :D). I hope that you take me into consideration even though I didn't have the best guild history, but yea what can I say. I'm looking for a static raid that suits me, and I hope I can find that with your raid/guild.
I just realised: If you look at my logs. During TeP I almost never recleared, the logs are mostly this "low" because it was during progress and I didn't have much chance to improve them xD.
Ohhh and you might ask, how did I get 8/8 Mythic if I stopped inbetween. Well recently a guild took me for one raid as a trial to see how I play, and they tested me on Azshara. We killed her in the 7th try, while I've never played phase 4 before. So yea thats basically it :).
Also I'm very sorry, this is very long. I can hardly be brief in applications sooo sorry. But I hope you got to know me a bit and yea.
Hope to hear from you soon!

A joke? (Probably figuring out a joke that's funny takes longer than having written this entire application (ooof)).
Knock, Knock.
Who's there?
"What" kind of joke did you expect? :P
(and yes this is truely terrible xD <3. That's the best / and same time sadest I can pull off in this very moment :'))

Best regards
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by Gnarl » 07 Feb 2020, 01:32

Thanks again for applying. Well get back to you once our members have had time to look over your app.
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by Nagassh » 14 Feb 2020, 01:09

As much as I hate to do it, we're probably going to have to decline you're application. Attendance has been so high currently that I'm reluctant to get you in when I'd worry you'd just end up either benched or I'd be benching core members to fit you in - we never want to recruit people for the bench.

It was a very strong app though, and one we'd take at almost any other point in the guilds history - I'll make sure to get in touch with you if we find more of an opening for a spriest incase you're still interested.
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