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If you wish to apply to us, this is the place for you!

by Mukih » 23 Jan 2021, 12:00


Your Name, Age, Gender and Location:


Tell us a little bit about yourself (non-WoW related Interests, Hobbies etc):

I work as Tax&Custums officer since 2015 near the Romanian border. I live with my GF and with my 3 y/o german sheperd doggo. In my free time i watching netflix films&Series and before the virus i loved hanging out with my friends in pubs.

Character Information:

Armory Link: ... Muk%C3%AEh


Describe your choice of talents and why you've chosen them:

Single Target fights:

Master Marksman - causes my abilities' crits to make the target bleed for 15% of the initial damage over 6 seconds.
Careful Aim - causes my Aimed Shot to deal 50% additional damage to targets above 70% health. Aimed Shot is my main damage spell.
Natural Mending - Generally a cooldown reduction of over 30 seconds.
Steady Focus - causes Steady Shot I to increase my haste by 7% when you use it twice in a row, for 15 seconds.
Posthaste - increases mymovement speed by 50% for 4 seconds after using Disengage. Good mobility bonus
Double Tap - next Aimed Shot to fire an additional time or my next Rapid Fire to shoot twice as many shots in the same amount of time, doubling its damage and Focus generation. BEST talent ever
Lock and Load - gives my Auto-Shots an 8% chance to make your next Aimed Shot free and instant cast. Sweet mobility and dmg bonus at the same time

For AoE and cleave fight I usually Swap Stedy Shot to Streamline because its increases the damage done by Rapid Fire by 15%, and also causes it to reduce my next Aimed Shot's cast time by 30%. FAST pack PUMP

And I swap Lock and load to Volley because is extremely powerful for any sort of multi-target scenario, and should be chosen if there is even a little bit of AoE potential in an encounter. Even for pure single-target scenarios, it is only 1-2% behind Lock and Load.

How do you prioritize your stats and why?

MM hunters is Crit>Mastery nowdays but I using raidbots for stat weights. I siming myself after every loot. Now my stat is Crit>Mastery>Haste>Versa
Crit: increases your chance to critically hit with all spells and abilities.
Mastery:grants my increased damage on all your abilities and increases your maximum shot range.
Haste: Haste is not very important for MM but ofc its good for punch focus regen nad aimed shot cast time.

Where do you acquire knowledge about your Class?

I reading/watching/using wowlogs,icyveins,bloodmallet,raidbots, youtube guidies and hunter discord. Many times i asked a better hunter for tipps

Paste a your UI via [img]LINK[/img] IN COMBAT
(Ensure that all Key Bindings are visible)

Link to your raid logs using using [url]LINK[/url].:

Raiding History:

I have every cutting edge since SoO except Highmaul BRF and ofc CoS.(~13 cutting)

Describe your previous/current raiding experience:

Now im at 8 Mythic.

Tell us about your previous guilds and your reasons for leaving them:

Just Wipe - SoO HC/Mythic clear, HFC Mythic clear, world 1600 and world 1500. This guild was my first. I joined to SoO HC progress at Siegcraft. After SoO I had a break duo my study and family reasons so i skipped highmaul and BRF progress. After BRF the guild disbanded but I reunited as a GM in HFC mid Tier. I lead to guild to full mythic clear with world Rank 1500. (It’s one of my most beautiful memories of building a guild out of nowhere and leading it.) Sadly its disbanded.

Coming Home - EN and ToV Mythic clear world 570,590. Its disbanded.

Wipefest - NH Mythic clear world 378 ToS Mythic progress world 821 disbanded at Maiden

Last Resort - ToS mythic clear world rank 209 I left The mood of the raid was toxic

Legends Never Die - Antorus mythic clear world rank 191. Uldir mythic clear world rank 1010. Disbanded

CynicaI - BoD Mythic Clear world rank 790 CoS only Hc clear, EP mythic clear world rank 509 Nyalotha world rank 1009. I left because i want more in the game

Blackravens. CN mythic untill Xy'mox wolrd rank 1043.One of my older acquaintances called me to the guild and there was a lot of contradiction compared to what he promised (Better progress, raid leading etc) I left

Try not to Smile - Council, Sludge mythic kill world rank 506, Progressed SLG to p2 65% but its disbanded dou lack of players, Maint tanks stopped play with the game yikes.

More Information:

Can you meet our raid schedule of Wed/Thur/Mon 21:00 to 00:00 server time with at least 90% attendance?

We also raid on Sunday at the start of a new raiding tier. Are you aware of this?

Are you able to Listen and Speak on Teamspeak?
I prefer discord but its okey

What qualities do you bring to a Raid?
Knowledge of the game and raiding experience. My main is a hunter since from the start. 528 hour played on hunter

How comfortable are you playing your offspecs?
Hunters always one meta spec in PvE but its not problem for me.

How do you feel about progression raiding?
The meaning of the WoW

Where did you hear about Curse of Years and do you know anyone in the guild?
I dont know anyone and I found the guild in wowprogress

What encouraged you to apply to Curse of Years?
The one sweet hunter recruit for better progression

Do you play outside of raid?
Yeah i pushin m+ score and i boosting with 3 community

Is there anything else you'd like to add to your application?
I think I boosted a CN HC with Chylo this week.

Tell us a joke:
What is the longest word in the ENglish language?
Cause there is a mile between the frist and the last letters.

!First google hits!
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by Gnarl » 23 Jan 2021, 19:40

Thanks for the application. We'll get back to you in a few days once our members have had some time to discuss your app.
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by Mukih » 26 Jan 2021, 08:14

Sure, I will wait the answer.
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by Mukih » 13 Feb 2021, 18:51

I sent a more detailed application and updated the links.
( prev guilds,progress and world ranks)
( I transfered and im at 8 mythic)
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by Siccy » 13 Feb 2021, 22:10

Firstly, sorry for the long wait.
Accepted for trial. Poke us when you're on the realm for an invite.
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