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If you wish to apply to us, this is the place for you!

by lazz » 06 Apr 2021, 01:11

Hi, I'm Luke, I am 22, from the UK and I have been playing WoW since Vanilla. (Perks of having a gamer dad)
Outside of playing WoW I work in Property Insurance - processing applications for an American business and I also play D3/POE.

Pally - ... r/%C3%B3fc
DH - ... /l%C3%A1zz

Battletag- lazz#21414

As a Holy Paly - I provide exceptional DPS through Ashen Hollow (even more DPS as my gear increases) argueable one of the best defensive CD's through Aura Mastery, exceptional tank healing through Beacon and overall very good healing and good class utility such as bubble/BOP.

As a DH - Havoc is a reasonably strong melee with the more recent buffs to the spec, has decent raid utility through Darkness & provides a magic buff to the entire raid group.

I am very comfortable playing my offspecs & multiclassing at a high level as I previously raided at a high level, even though the guild is seen as a big meme, it still provided me with a lot of experience in this game.

UI Screenshot -

Following logs may seem a bit scuffed as I am recently returning to the game so a little bit of background context on my experience so I don't seem like a complete idiot applying with less recent experience. (ex top 25 world raid leader/office in TG-Gaming - Ragnaros.)

I will include current pug healer logs with a fresh scuffed char as some what proof I can multiclass without gear:)
In Castle Nathria I was a tank main, but lost motivation playing tank in its current state, so here are my early progress logs too.
Can also provide some of my logs from TG Gaming as a tank/dps. If you want just let me know and I can post them for you.

Holy Paly - ... r/%c3%93fc
DH - ... /l%c3%a1zz
Monk - ... r/lukebrew

Previously stated I have played this game for many years and raided in a number of guilds along the way, so I will list my more noteable achievements, will provide logs that I still have access too as I multiclassed along the way.
In BRF/HFC I played with "eXsto-Azune/Shadowsong" as a Holy Pally where we achieved top 200 - quit due to exams.
Throughout early Legion I played with friends in a low ranked guild where I flexed onto a number of classes that we needed at the time such as, Warlock/Unholy-Blood DK/Prot-Holy Pally.
Antorus I moved to Malorum since I wanted to start taking raiding more seriously again, I played Resto Druid, we achieved top 500. ( ... 7&new=true)
After Malorum disbanded after we cleared Antorus I joined TG-Gaming where I took the role of maintank- moving into Uldir I took up the role of Officer & shot calling in raids. We achieved world 65 I believe in Uldir. Moving into BoD, I took up the roles of raid leading, helping with recruitment and general management of the guild, we achieved world 24 Jaina. After BoD progress I had some irl issues where I couldn't maintain the tanks required for this leveling so I moved over to RDPS where I played Shaman-Boomkin-Lock, helped fill in as healer/tank on splits if need be. Unfortunantly the guild disbanded early doors into Crucible and I took my leave of the game to help out with newer job opportunities.
Returned to the game in the last patch of BFA as an arms warrior playing in a long term friends guild Malorum where we achieved world 1.2k with a remake clearing Nyalotha in roughly 4-5 weeks at the end of the tier.
Moving into Shadowlands they had a few tank issues so I stepped up as tank once again and progressed Castle Nathria with them until we went our seperate ways due to personal reasons with the GM/Officer team regarding some irl issues that they did not understand.
Recently returned to the game after a 2month break and here we are.

Yes I can meet your raid schedule with the required attendance.

I was encouraged to apply to Curse of Years because of a long term friend Zeed, who previously played here and is looking to reapply.

I previously spent almost every waking minute outside of work logged into WoW, gearing alts, doing m+ etc. As of recently I spend a large portion of my time tweaking my UI and trying to perfect it for each role.

As an addition, I am a very experienced player in every role, I can flex most classes at a 90-95%, with lots of experience helping lead guilds and making calls/adapting on the fly. Sorry for rambling:) If it is easier we can hop into voice and talk the app over.

Thanks for taking the time to read my app, if you got this far.

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by Siccy » 06 Apr 2021, 18:47

Thanks for the application. We'll get back to you in a few days once our members have had some time to discuss your app.
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by Nagassh » 10 Apr 2021, 21:38

Application declined I'm afraid, as tempting as it is. I think taking another healer on currently would force me to be perma-benching or making one of our healers switch spec and I'm not sure I'm comfortable doing that after talking with the likely target.

If you're ever looking for a guild again in the future and we have a more open healer spot hit us up though, the application is more than tempting.
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