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by Ralu » 25 Jun 2021, 11:32

Curse of Years Application form.
Remember your application is the first impression we have on you.

Dear readers/Officers or similar,

thanks already for reading this application. It might be a little longer here and there because I'm not good at keeping it short, but that way you maybe get to know me better anyways so here we go.
I have written an App about 1.5 years ago (linked here, so this is an Application to update and reapply for your Guild/Raid :).
So some points will be overlapping but I hope thats fine.


My name is Bruno, I'm 22 years old, and if you didn't identify by my name, I'm male x). I live in Cologne, Germany, so yes, I am indeed a german potato :D.
After having canceled my studies to become a teacher 3 years ago, I'm right now in my 3rd year of apprenticeship, workfield IT (information technology). In general I play a lot of PC, not only WoW, calling "gaming a hobby". Other games played like: League of legends, csgo, among us, and so on. In reallife I really like swimming and a little bit skating.
I'm really into maths/physics, suiting my workfield very well, as well as those were the Subjects I wanted to become a teacher as :P.
I'm sure I could tell you lots more about myself, but this is what comes to my mind right now :). If you have further questions feel free to ask me out later / at any given time!

Character Information:

Armory Link:

Battletag: Raluno#2391

What strengths does your class currently bring to the raid (eg; Arms warrior bringing 2 target cleave and execute or Nightfae hunters bringing AOE burst):
Power Infusion
Anything more I need to say? I'm just kidding. I believe theres more for shadowpriest in the current "raiding meta" than just giving PI to a MM hunter when needed (or any other high dps class). Sure that's one thing we can shine with, but I believe we are capable of more.
I think shadow can shine at: Single Target fights or fights with a few adds that have to be cleaved down while having a primary target. SLG is a good example for the cleave fight, since you have to cleave down all the adds/goliaths while targetting and phasing bosses at certain points. A boss like Sunking is a really bad shadow Boss (at least when talking about aoe burst, because that's what shadowpriest is highly lacking), while for example when I was raiding with my Guild I was still playing shadowpriest at sunking, just to have high single target dmg on the Shade (because in the end, that was the important point of the fight, and not just bursting and being rank 1 in logs because I'm padding on the small adds). So in comparison to a MM Hunter we don't have that high AoE burst, but compared to many other classes our ST Burst/ST sustain dmg is very valuable with PI and other useful cooldowns.

So far I only mentioned the DPS parts of shadow, but i think, this is "in general", shadow has huge utility capabilities. With VE (Vampiric embrace), off-healing/shielding, MD and Lifegrips we can have quite big impact on manipulating certain situations / mechanics up to completely being able to ignore them (this is related to lifegrips).
I will just shortly list what I remember off, what we had been able to pull off as shadowpriest.
1st: Za'qul progress: Delirium realm taking higher dmg over time. We Pre-shielded the people who went into delirium, so they were able to sustain longer in the realm (e.g. we had 2 disc priests and 2 shadows shielding there).
or 2nd: I actually don't really know if this is still a thing, but that's how we used to play SLG: when the Stone fell from the air (i forgot the abilities name), to remove all bleed stacks, we decided to let this be single soaked by the targetted person. Because we had a small time window of 2 seconds before the stone fell, we were able to Lifegrip the person out of the AoE circle, saving this persons life, having to deal with overall less healing in this phase :) (because on the one hand we had no bleed stacks and on the other hand people didnt have to aoe soak).
Overall Lifegrip is an amazing ability and I love the possibilities it gives me to save people at certain situations.
I didn't mention MD yet, but I think it's with VE very good to make the healers Life's easier :D

How comfortable are you playing your offspecs?
I would sadly say, that my offspecs aren't really in the state I can play them. I have been subbing to play Holy on Sunking, when it was needed, but that was just substitution, and I'm not really the person to be a good raidhealer.

My UI: Image
It's not visible to me, so here as Link

You can only see my Keybindings 1-6 I'm using, the bar above that is mouseover and I don't have a screenshot of that, sorry.
It's like this: F1 stun, F2 Silence, F3 Healing, F4 = VE, V = MD, E = VF, Q = NF ability and so on.

I will link a few, since the last time I linked them, they were... underwhelming ^^
Most of these are first clears / I was staying outside because they decided, that I don't need items anymore, so I passed on bosses (others rather did logs and didn't pass kekw).

CN 9.0 Progress mostly:
CN 9.0 HC (I know it's only HC, but I think it's still "something"... Idk I just like HC logs :D):
Will also link last of BfA:
Nyalotha Mythic:
Nyalotha HC ("I'm a little proud here to be page one all stars kappa xD"):

Raiding History:
Mostly I will just copy what I wrote lasttime, since only my Last 2 guilds changed and yeah..

Previous/Current raiding experience:
I started raiding mythic in 8.0 with Uldir as shadowpriest.
I have raided
Uldir 5/8 M (world rank doesnt doesnt matter)
BoD 9/9 M (800~world)
TeP 8/8 M (200~ world during progress)
Nyalotha 12/12 M (Got CE when reclearing with a guild later during the content ~500World)

Castle Nathria 8/10 M (I progressed about 150 trys into Boss 9, when stopping to raid earlier this year. :( )

Previous guilds and reasons for leaving:
I've started mythic raiding during end of uldir / start of bod with "Resistance-Anetheron". Raided until 5/9 BoD with them. I left, because I was treated like a child, because I was by far the youngest with 20 (at that time), so everyone thought I could be their punching bag. Also I didn't like the way the raidleader was coordinating the raid and his decisions while leading. He was just making fun of people who had good and new ideas or people who brought knowledge into new encounters.

I went to Tatortreiniger-Blackmoore I cleared BoD with them, when I joined their guild during Jaina progress (I've been with 300 of their total 350 boss trys), reclearing afterwards. I had to leave the guild, well I'll just say, some of them "couldn't deal" with how I am. By that time I've been talking a lot in raids (of course not during boss encounters but in reclears and so on). By now I've learned my lessons and improved regarding this problem.

Next Guild: Myth-Blackmoore. I was trial during reclears/progress for 6 weeks, and joined them when they just cleared 5/8 Mythic. I progressed Queens Court from 100% to kill, Za qul from 100% to kill and Azshara from 100% to 55% third phase (~about 250 trys).
By that time we killed Za'qul as world rank 190. After my trialship I've been added to the member roster.
Sadly I had to leave this guild during progress, because of reallife problems as well as my hardware being not the best past then.
I'm going to be honest I just started my apprenticeship during that time, being in a trialship there as well. I had some struggles and decided, that theres a correlation between my 4 days raiding and me not bringing good perfomances at work. I was scared that they might "kick me out" or something and decided when I'm through with my trialship I can return to WoW. So thats why i returned end of december/begin of january. In that regard it won't happen again, because I'm very solid in the company right now, also currently I'm raiding 3 days a week and everythings going well so.. Seems fine I guess :).
Hardware... Well my Gpu seemed to have a bug, and overheat to quickly, so after 2 minutes pc on, it was overheated and I had very big problems performance wise. During my break my PC broke, I sent it in, and they repaired it, I don't know what the problem was. But problem is not happening any more.

After that I shortly raided with Fade-Gul'dan. I was only 3 weeks there more or less. When I joined i thought this guilds people are not that bad people, but then, I've realised what kind of people I joined.
For me raiding has the purpose of fun progressing through "unexplored" content. This guild is on the one hand very toxic, during every raid 3-5 people decide "mhm I just have to mute a,b,c, and x because they annoy me" but I dont know, thats not the atmosphere I want to have in a game and raid thats supposed to be fun for myself. Also the raidleader rather takes his best friends in fights, rather than classes that are actually better and stronger, bringing more utility and damage to the fights where it's needed (progress orientation).
And again, people don't believe me that I'm 21 xD. It sounds really sad, but I sound way way younger than I actually am. And I know that. By the 3 weeks I'm here now, I've been getting used to being the punching bag for when someone is mad, or others want to have fun, so lets just Bully Ralu/Bruno... I don't know, sure fun is one thing, but this is straight up no fun anymore. Yes I am complaining a little bit right now, but sadly that's my raid experience with these guys... I rather play where I have fun, theres nice atmosphere, where I can get to know people better and not everyone is just toxic... Back then I decided to stop raiding, because I couldn't take it anymore with this guild, and I didn't find another one, e.g. shadow was in a really bad state in the early 8.3.

I'm skipping Nyratic and Dytonic-Eredar quick: I joined for reclears on Nyalotha after the corruption merchant was released, that was when I came back to the game. They really didn't like me, and treated me like shit later on (I actually don't even really know why, I think I gave them sometimes moments where they thought, "oh, he's hurt when we say xyz, let's keep going", and 1-2 other reasons).
I then had during Pre-Patch a couple of guilds I tried out, but it was... not worth mentioning/traps or timewaste.

The last guild I was raiding with, was Redhands-Anub'arak. I left them during 9/10 Progress, because I well again "had a problem" with some members. Don't get me wrong, it really seems like I always have smth against someone, but... if people say something like: I will mute Ralu during encounters, then thats the point I'm leaving at. E.g. I had a role like interrupt, I die, call my interrupt needs a sub, and a Person who muted me doesn't kick because he had me on mute and we wipe. Well thanks for that. Also there were 2-3 people who generally just wanted me to leave the roster because they said I'd be to childish but yeah... I don't think I was childish back then... whatever :x

If you have any further questions regarding this topic, feel free to ask me out later, I'll try to answer as good as I can and clear anything thats not clear enough.

More Information:

Can I meet schedule of raiding times with 90% attendance:
Yes I do.

What encourages me to apply to the guild?
I think I compared myself to your members (as I did back 1.5 years ago) where I said, I could keep up with you guys.
I really think now, more than before that I can. You're looking for a range class, and I'm a shadowpriest (who as I think of myself as, is capable of playing the class very well and to the extends it's needed for progress).
And you only have Reviihz currently, I think he wishes for a 2nd shadowpriest to talk about SP stuff (jk) xD.
As I said back then as well I think 2 is perfect number for shadowpriests, so that's why I'm reapplying right now :).
I think I can fullfill your expectations and complete your roster o/.

Do you play much outside of raiding?
Yea I do like to grind M+ (if anyone picks me as shadow up). Mostly going random. As well as during new content releases I tend to play as much as I can, grinding. In general I like playing the game, and I'd say outside of raidtimes I'm 2-3 hours online daily on bad days, and 5-6+ hours on good days (especially on weekend). I have quite a lot of free time and since I consider gaming my hobby, I feel like that's what I want to do in my free time, also improving myself or focussing on the game/how to adjust and improve my playstyle.

Is there anything else you'd like to add to your application?
As I said at the start. Thanks for reading my application :). It's a long one hahaha sorry for that :D.
Last time I remember that you've asked, if I know anyone from the guild... I had some contact with Gnarl back then and was Boosting with you in oblivion once (loglink). Just wanted to mention this shortly :P.
Hope to hear from you soon :)

Best Regards
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by Nagassh » 05 Jul 2021, 15:12

Application declined I'm afraid.
Really sorry for the slow response, the patch release and raid prep has been a major distraction.
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