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by Nheemo » 03 Aug 2021, 16:35

Cheers everyone, im happy to introduce myself to you guys.

My name is Michael, i am 30 years old and live in germany. In Reallife, i am a cop on duty and work on the streets between many kinds of people. I enjoy getting in contact every day with new people that i can talk to and learn from. To stay in shape and not get to blobby at all, i hit the gym 4 to 5 times a week. This not only helps to keep my physics in a good shape, but also helps me to keep my mind clear and at a good status during the day and the night, no matter if i am working or gaming at the moment.

When it comes to World of Warcraft, i get pretty much addicted to be honest. Here comes my Character:

I play World of Warcraft since classic beta release and i main my hunter ever since. It is the class that fits the most to my playstyle while combining a good set of movement and decent damage output beeing not completely useless through the tiers. At least at the moment, i can bring some decent ST dps or hit some nice AOE bursting peaks while being able to move most of the time. Here i dont care if i play marksman or beastmaster, i basically play what ever performs the best on specific encounters.

Here you can see my current UI. It is selfmade and i improved it through the years fitting in to my needs while beeing able to see encounter timers and not beeing overwhelmed by unnecessary informations. i prepare my UI for every encounter to be able to focus on the stuff that i need to take care of.


No worries, i have basically keybound all of my skills in mouseover bars on the left and the right. I play with a 12 extra button mouse that makes it super easy to keybind all the stuff you want.

Here you can take a look at my current logs:

When taking a closer look to my logs, please keep the following in mind:

I used to raid in a world 250-600 guild on a 2 day raiding schedule (Evolution EU-Blackmoore). Our main goal was to kill bosses as fast as possible. For this reason, we extendet after our firstkill on sludge and slg to head on to sire. About 17 secs after sire first, our Raidlead quit the game and everyone was forced to find a new guild. unlucky.
Therefor i was not really able to do some farmruns with 10/10 ep and killed slg and sire only once. However, if you really care about my performance, check older tiers, hunter did not get harder since that :D
I raided with evolution the past years, always achieving CE in a good state.

Since our Raiddisband i had hard times finding a new guild. Due to my job, i am forced to find a guild that starts raiding at 20:00 and i had to learn, that this really seems to be a thing in german guilds. To keep on raiding, i joined "Boosted Animals" on EU-Thrall. I joined this guild, because people were pretty ambitios about reaching worldranks between 500 and 1000. But after 4 weeks into this tear, i have to realize, that this guild will not make it there, wich is not bad, but just not my thing. It is not that i need to hit a specific worldranking, but that i want to play the game some kind of efficient because i put pretty much effort into my character and it kind of feels like a waste of time at the current state.

We germans work on a weird shiftmode, which seems to be pretty complicated at the beginning, but is super easy once you understood it. i'm willing to explain it to you if you are interested in it, but for now i leave it by saying "i am able to meet almost every raid during progress, but sometimes have to go on nightshifts when i am benched or we step in to farm".

Therfore i am able to play WoW basically as much as i want atm. I have much free time that i spend in Azeroth by grinding daily stuff, mats, consumables, achievements, transmog, mounts, pvp, m+ and so on.

So that's basically it. I'm a decent fun guy even though plenty of stereotypes say we germans aren't. I am loyal, helpful and enjoy spending time in voice chat talking about bunch of things.
I would appreciate getting a chance hopping over to Arathor.

Lok'tar Ogar and for my queen!

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by Gnarl » 04 Aug 2021, 03:03

Thanks for the application. As mentioned it'll take a few days for our members to review and then we'll get back to you.
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by Nagassh » 04 Aug 2021, 03:16

Application declined I'm afraid - roster is quite fat currently.
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