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by Matt » 27 Jul 2022, 11:06

My names Matt I'm 32 years old from Wales, UK. I've been playing WoW since 2004. I'm socialable and play a variety of games, most recently Powerwash simulator (I know, right?). Outside of gaming I work as a data analyst and event photographer whilst actively running, hiking and rock climbs regularly.

Character Information:
Armory Link: ... n-mill/Inv

Battletag: Needsy#2368
Discord: Matt#5711

What strengths do you feel your class currently brings to the raid?
Unfortunately Monks take up a melee position which can be damning to some guild comps, but what they can bring is far more valuable. We provide a buff to the raid for 5% increase melee damage, when it comes to healing we are passive and can perform our duty stationary or mobile. This is excellent when fights require a lot of movement or quick actions to keep everyone alive.

We have exceptional AOE and single target healing if and when required (Yu'lon CD coupled with 4 set can give a 300k+ breath out coupled with enveloping mist buff hot on the target(s). As mentioned out mobility is second to none we can roll, we can take tigers lust for personal or external mobility and have transcendence to avoid moments of error or bypass a mechanic completely.

As mentioned with Yu'lon we have other CDs which have strong healing throughput such as Revival and great single target CD (Life Cocoon) to apply to tanks or anyone in a pickle. For self purpose CDs we have Diffuse Magic or Dampen Harm dependiing on the fight which can mitigate when we need it. Lastly fortifying brew has a 3 minute CD which coupled with other CDs can keep you alive when others may perish. Need to control some mobs or help group things up? No problem we have ring of peace to help you there, pop them in and then whip in a leg sweep if we need a quick stun. Maybe we just have that one mob free casting outside, again no problem here either we can just throw a paralysis to keep that under control

Our healing is benefited by our damage. This provide great passive damage which also keeping the raid alive.

Now our playstyle can change depending on our covenant choice. At the moment there is some flexibility however predominantly
we will play Venthyr due to how powerful Fallen Order is. Now our builds can change depending the fights we're playing. Some monks will go for a heavy crit build (around 41% with haste around 17-20%) and others will go for a more balance approach which will see your haste hit 28% and crit be around 34%. The reason for the haste being here is to maximise the Fallen Order enveloping mist casts. As said this is depending on the fight and can change from time to time. Understanding what is best for that particular fight is vital to understand what's best to bring.
If you were for example playing outside on Anduin for the whole fight you can play Necro to utilise bonedust brew to it's full potential however this isn't necessary now with the most recent nerfs.

How comfortable are you playing your offspecs?
I'm happy to play offspec as windwalker or brewmaster. I've raided and done M+ as all specs throughout my time playing Monk (since MOP). Most recently playing windwalker in M+

Paste a your UI
I use a lot of mouseover macros and keybinds aren't always visible on my bars (I hide a lot of them so its not congested on the screen
For example bars above my grid2 are for visual CD monitoring over anything.

Link to your raid logs
Most kills we've always gone the safer route of having 5 healers over 4. You can see previous tiers were I raid lead and went with more offensive groups
Overview -
Jailer 21% -

Raiding History:
Describe your previous/current raiding experiences / guilds. including reasons for leaving them:
As I've been playing since 2004 my guild history is quite extensive, sorry for the wall of text but hopefully it'll paint a clear picture for you.

I'm an ex hardcore player who's played in many guilds over the years and ending the reing with them due to disbands.

Vanilla onwards
Ancient Heroes (Silvermoon) - This was my first guild all the way back in Vanilla WoW which were super casual (I was 14!!)
Minions of Mithril (later became Inner Sanctum) - raided with these before the guild split due to organisation restructure.
Severance (GM - Silvermoon)- I lead this guild from Naxxramas 40 man to WoTLK Ulduar achieving world 200 or so. Guild disbanded due to the realm we were on was increasingly difficult to recruit on (Nagrand)

When we disbanded I joined a guild called Numen who were back on Silvermoon (World 16) and played with these up to Lich King progression. As they were an extremely hardcore guild (7 days a week) they mass recruited and I couldn't keep up with maintaining 5/6 alts anymore.

Paparazzi (Balnazzar) World 26 - Joined these as a warrior tank and went with them to kill Lich King 25 HC for world 26th position and played with them until they disbanded in Cataclysm.
After this I played more casual/semi hardcore and helped friends along the way in more easier to approach raiding guilds achieving multiple CE.

In Shadowlands I came back to the game and started to play semi serious raiding 2-3 days again. Clearing all content from the first two tiers. My guild Depletist Jerks disbanded half way through SoD which I'm really sad about (covid guilds rarely last sadly). However, I've been apart of every progression boss and missed out on Anduin (Got to last phase tho) due to my first vacation in 3 years with my partner and Rygelon due to covid.
My current guild is disbanding due to leadership issues a week before CE ends and us hitting 21% on Jailer (sadge!)

More Information:

Can you meet our raid schedule of Wed/Thur/Mon 21:00 to 00:00 server time with at least 90% attendance?
Yes, these times work well around my usual schedule.

What encouraged you to apply to Curse of Years?
I saw you on WoWProgress last night and to my surprise a few minutes later I received a DM from Nagassh about applying. Let's call it a sign?

Do you play much outside of raiding?
Yes I play some alts and do M+ outside of raiding. At the moment just getting prep done for Dragonflight.

Is there anything else you'd like to add to your application?

- Realm first level 90 monk on Kazzak /flex - I created a total of 60 odd monks in the starting zone to find quickest routes and maximum XP to achieve this. I then shared all findings to the Monk forums and gave support and insight into the class for newbies
- I have vast experience as a GM or Officer and raid leader for many of the high ends guilds I've played in
- I used to be a theorycrafter for ElitistJerks and Tankspot for Mage, Warrior and Druid throughout Vanilla to WotLK
- In Vanilla I looted the Swift Zulian Tiger on my mage twice
- The mount that drops from Lord Aurius Rivendare in Stratholme (Deathcharger's Reins) I've seen drop three times. In Vanilla a friend in my farm group gave me 500k for it (back then that made me pretty rich lol)
- Throughout my raiding history I've either mained or played every spec and class apart from Priest in the highest difficulties (Heroic raids to then Mythic when they were an option) to support the guild achieve their goals.
- All my alts have stupid real world words instead of creative names, for example - Inv, This, Sure, Depleting, Depletist, Doing, During, Pavement and many others
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by Ryna » 27 Jul 2022, 13:31

Hey man, Cheers for the application. I'll copy it over for the members to discuss and someone will get back to you in the next few days!
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by Matt » 27 Jul 2022, 19:54

Thanks Ryna. I just realised as well an old raid friend of mine when we played in Esoteric together is in the guild (Gnarl) if you need a voucher for anything.
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by Nagassh » 02 Aug 2022, 18:19

Sorry for the slow response - had to figure some stuff out, application accepted.
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