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If you wish to apply to us, this is the place for you!

by Eratina » 14 Aug 2022, 02:10


Your Name, Age, Gender and Location:
My name is Lauritz, I am 28 years old, male and I am from Norway

Tell us a little bit about yourself (non-WoW related Interests, Hobbies etc)
Not much to say really. I enjoy gaming a lot, spending time with friends and family and the occasional trip down to the pub.

Character Information:

Armory Link:

What strengths do you feel your class currently brings to the raid?
Warlock brings a lot of utility, both gateway and healthstones, which are very powerful. Obviously summon stone :). Burst damage on demand with demonology or massive AoE/2 target cleave with destruction. Affliction has been in a weird spot for some time since CN(mostly used on niche encounters). Beside that warlocks are very durable with a few, good defensive cooldowns.

How comfortable are you playing your offspecs?
I am very comfortable with playing my offspecs. I have more experience with destruction/demonology then affliction though.

Paste a your UI via [img]LINK[/img] IN COMBAT
(Ensure that all Key Bindings are visible)
I am using a MMO mouse so some of my keybinds are macro'd to that, hence the numlock binds.

Link to your raid logs using using [url]LINK[/url].:
From CN when I was raiding before I had a break:

From Ny'alotha where we got WR 153:

What I progressed with during Ny'alotha:

Raiding History:
Describe your previous/current raiding experiences / guilds. including reasons for leaving them:
I've raided mythic since mid Legion. Started out during the start of Tomb of Sargeras. In BFA I got my first real Cutting Edge. Got CE in every raid except Crucible of Storms in BFA and that was due to being demoted by my raid leader simply because I didn't answer him for 2 hours post raid because I had an errand to run for my brother (yes, very dumb). I had Uu'nat experience down to last phase.

More Information:

Can you meet our raid schedule of Wed/Thur/Mon 21:00 to 00:00 server time with at least 90% attendance?
Yes I can
What encouraged you to apply to Curse of Years?
I got a message from one of your officers and the offer looked appealing.
Do you play much outside of raiding?
Yes, I play quite a lot.
Is there anything else you'd like to add to your application?
I'm a very reliable, consistent player. I always research bosses, my own personal jobs and cooldown management ahead of fights and enjoy doing m+ aswell outside of raid times.
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by Nagassh » 15 Aug 2022, 13:33

Thanks for the application, I'll copy it over to the internal section for discussion.
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