Azozio Arms/Fury warrior

If you wish to apply to us, this is the place for you!

by azozio » 02 Jan 2023, 21:15


Your Name, Age, Gender and Location:
Aziz, 20,Male, Currently in Kuwait, but will be living in the United States.
Tell us a little bit about yourself (non-WoW related Interests, Hobbies etc)
Outside of wow, I used to be semi-pro in Apex Legends, was a multi season Apex Pred and regionals finalist. Atm im studying poltical science in a university in the united states.

Character Information:

Armory Link: ... zak/Azozio

Battletag: Azozio#2348

What strengths do you feel your class currently brings to the raid?
Atm the main strength comes in its raid utility with the usage of rallying cry and off peal potential, once warriors can achieve 4p arms will slowly be the meta for some bosses which allows arms to be an off peeler for tanks. this was seen mainly in KT and Sylvanas in SOD were the arms wariror would taunt and DBS allowing the tanks to reset stacks or live longer. Fury atm is a class that allows more relaxation for healing having a lot of self-healing potential with the use of CSHB and IR as well as impending victory.
How comfortable are you playing your offspecs?
i mainly play prot for m+ and even then i wouldnt call it comfortable, im very flexible when it comes to other dps specs such as havoc dh and boomies.
Paste a your UI via [img]LINK[/img] IN COMBAT
(Ensure that all Key Bindings are visible)
Link to your raid logs using using [url]LINK[/url].: ... rtition=-1 ... 29#zone=28 (this is my alt dh which has been mainly used for splits and boost runs) ... 29#zone=26 (this is my boomi which was only used for CN during splits, boost's and helping a friends guild at the time)
Raiding History:
Describe your previous/current raiding experiences / guilds. including reasons for leaving them:
started in Nya'lotha have been consistently been getting CE and better WR ever since. Only 2 relevant guilds that are worth mentioning is Sanity-Draenor (hof guild) and We Go Again. reason for leaving was that they both disbanded.

More Information:

Can you meet our raid schedule of Wed/Thur/Mon 21:00 to 00:00 server time with at least 90% attendance?
yes 100%
What encouraged you to apply to Curse of Years?
the raid schedual is the best.
Do you play much outside of raiding?
I play m+ and plan on push for r1 since my old push team have started to play wow again and i did pvp on my NA character which I got glad on my first season, Gigachadmage-Black Dragonflight is the char if you want to check on it.
Is there anything else you'd like to add to your application?

I'm very flexible in a lot of dps classes,can always take critism and seek improvments.
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by Merin » 03 Jan 2023, 01:31

Thanks for the application, I'll copy this over to our members section for discussion and we'll get back to you shortly.
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by Merin » 06 Jan 2023, 23:04

Application declined I'm afraid, we wish you the best of luck in your search for a guild.
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