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by Cthulu » 18 Mar 2023, 23:44

Curse of Years Application form.
Remember your application is the first impression we have on you.


Your Name, Age, Gender and Location: Nathan, 31, Male, UK

Tell us a little bit about yourself (non-WoW related Interests, Hobbies etc)
In my spare time I go to the gym, listen to metal/hardstyle music, spend time with my family and play/watch games.

Character Information:

Armory Link: ... thuluhides

Battletag: Nath#22613

What strengths do you feel your class currently brings to the raid?

Rogue currently brings a raid buff in the form of a 3% DR poison. Several mechanics can be ignored via cloak (Zealot heal absorb on Raszageth, Marks on Council, Fire puddles and frost soak on Kurog.) and they are tanky due to feint being a low cooldown, strong form of DR. Across the three specs they have a good mix of single target damage, AoE, funnel damage and sustained cleave. Tricks of the trade is useful on add-heavy fights for helping the tank keep aggro of mobs. For this raid in particular they were also great with grieftorch because they are so tanky along with having a cheat death, they would often be alive more often than other classes to get extra uses. Having a self-heal with Crimson Vial as well as a talent that increases the healing you receive from healthstones and health potions is also beneficial.

How comfortable are you playing your offspecs?

Very comfortable. This is my first tier on progression as rogue. I started playing rogue in SL Season 4 to join Jump Off-Kazzak as Outlaw as that was the only meta spec at the time. Before Vault of the Incarnates was released, Assassination was going to be the spec of choice. I spent several hours before raid reading the class discord FAQs, guides and hitting a target dummy to learn my opener and rotation. This clearly worked as I was able to turn up and log well despite only having a very limited time on the spec. I did the same for sub rogue when we eventually got to Broodkeeper progress as that was clearly the spec superior for adds and it would also be the spec to play on Raszageth. I keep up to date with the rogue specs in the class discord and regularly check top logs and well-performing logs from recent progression kills.

Paste a your UI via IN COMBAT
(Ensure that all Key Bindings are visible)
Link to UI as the embed didn't seem to work in the forum preview:

Link to your raid logs using using

Raiding History:
Describe your previous/current raiding experiences / guilds. including reasons for leaving them:

Back in Warlords of Draenor I played a hunter (Cthulufhtagn-Draenor) with Bloom-Draenor achieving CE in Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry.

Me and a few friends formed a guild (Gloom on Draenor) at the start of Shadowlands and achieved CE in Castle Nathria. Due to roster problems I was a serial reroller as the GM of the guild trying to cover spots we were missing. I played MM Hunter (Cthulufhtagn-Draenor) and had to reroll to Vengeance DH for Sire due to a roster issue.

Our guild Gloom disbanded in mid-Sanctum due to roster issues (I think this was around the time the Blizzard controversy happened which some people weren't happy with).

Due to skipping a tier, I joined a lower ranked guild on a warrior (Cthuuwuu-Draenor) (Insatiable Draenor and later Total Garbage Draenor) . I picked warrior just to try something new and i like to play different classes to have a better understanding of different kits, the game in general, and at the time, the difference between melee and ranged DPS.

I had some friends in Jump Off-Kazzak and in Season 4 I approached one of the recruitment officers and asked which class would give me the highest chance of a spot on the team. My choice was between boomkin and rogue and I chose rogue. I passed my trial in three or so weeks after playing well. My damage numbers weren't what i would call top tier at the time but I executed the mechanics and my assignments well. I also did the occasional raid call after being asked which I am more than comfortable doing. However, I also understand that only certain people need to talk at certain points during encounters and there's a time and a place for banter and being serious.

Jump Off has now, unfortunately, disbanded due to recruitment issues and other players moving onto different guilds.

More Information:

Can you meet our raid schedule of Wed/Thur/Mon 21:00 to 00:00 server time with at least 90% attendance?

I am able to do this - the days and times are the same as my previous guild.

What encouraged you to apply to Curse of Years?

I can see that Curse of Years has been active across several expansions achieving impressive world rankings during this time. A casual but serious raiding atmosphere where people are expected to maintain their characters to a certain level is exactly what I am looking for.

Do you play much outside of raiding?

At the start of their tier I usually book some time off work to play a lot of mythic plus. I play the game outside of raid the appropriate amount to keep my character competitive ilvl wise and up to date with any non-raid grinds that would give me an advantage in raid and mythic plus. I will typically play one to two alts depending on how I am feeling at the time.

Is there anything else you'd like to add to your application?

I would be willing to reroll to another class. I think the way I approach new classes, the practice and preparation I put into the class, the various specs and for progression allow me to be a versatile, competitive, well-performing player.

Thank you for taking the time to read my application. I would appreciate any feedback you have and look forward to hearing from you.
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by Merin » 19 Mar 2023, 20:05

Thanks for the application, I'll copy this to our internal section for discussion and we'll get back to you soon.
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by Merin » 23 Mar 2023, 19:50

Application declined I'm afraid, same as with Caldran we don't think we can fit another Rogue on the team and still offer an appropriate amount of raid time. Best of luck with your search for a guild.
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