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by Tsuruugi » 21 Aug 2021, 23:41

Dushan from serbia living in Germany 27 year old dude.

Working as a caretaker basically just playing games in my freetime mostly rpgs and taking care of my sister who has down snydrom.

Armory link: ... k/tsuruugi
Battlenet : JohnnyBravo#21905
What strength does my class bring?: Ap shout, rallying cry strong two target cleave aswell as st, an interrupt, decent burst aoe, die by the sword for some saves, intervene, aoe slow, spellrefelect etc
How comfortable are you playing your offspecs?: very confident in doing so played both dps specs since cataclysm straight, tanked since wod
Ingame UI: Image

raiding history: started mythic raiding in legion in a world 4000guild as a guy looking to always improve ofc looked for better options and went to a new guild which was in nightholdprogression at that time and finished about world 500ish with them name is Cronopios they re currently and blackrock. Due to my job as a caretaker i had to quit sadly after one raidtier stopped mythic raiding till Uldir where i was in a guild with some friends that didnt do well and only did 3/8m disbanded and joined Karma-Blackmoore on alliance side for bod around world 1000ish. Switched again since alliance was just bad at that time on that server and joined The Daysleepers-Thrall where i cleared eternal palace world 400ish with them and nyalotha world 800ish. Quit the guild due to some conflicts with the raidlead in shadowlands, raided in Atlantik-Thrall a weekend guild which didnt do that great because of that only did 8/10m in nathria and disbanded this raidtier. Currently on Kazzak due to a recommandation but not quiet happy with the schedule.

Since raids beginn at 21pm it alligns very well with my workschedule as a caretaker which was a problem when most guilds on german servers started at 19:30pm to 20pm. Got encouraged to apply because of this awesome raidschedule and decent constant raidprogression in previous raidtiers. I play a lot outside of raiding not only raidlogging.
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by Tsuruugi » 22 Aug 2021, 00:12

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