Zerry - holy paladin

If you wish to apply to us, this is the place for you!

by Zerry » 04 Nov 2019, 21:31

Your Name, Age, Gender and Location:
Zerry , 23 , male KSA

Tell us a little bit about yourself (non-WoW related Interests, Hobbies etc)
Im Zerry the best boi .
im like planes idk traveling Meeting friends
im an airline pilot

Armory Link: ... z%C3%A9rry

Battletag: Zerry#21771

Describe your choice of talents and why you've chosen them:
Tbh glimmer paladin talents are ... somewhat standard you have 2 rows to play around depends on your preference if you require 1.mobility ( Cavalier ) 2.higher hps + spread fights ( Rule of law ) 3. x2 holy paladins ( Aura of Sacrifice + Unbreakable Spirit){ because devo bugs with x2 paladin }

How do you prioritize your stats and why?
leech cause im internally a vampire .( generally Haste > Mastery > crit=verse > int ) i tend to sim most of my gear based on fight to fight bases . some fights require more leech due to dots some other fights require a different approach
i tend to use wowanaz to get my statweights for the specific fight and sim it with QElive

Where do you acquire knowledge about your Class?
three primary sources
A. paladin discord.
B.Personal experimentation + checking logs of higher players
C.Friends in top 50-100 guilds ^_^

Paste a your UI via [img]LINK[/img] IN COMBAT
(Ensure that all Key Bindings are visible)

What state is the state of your Heart of Azeroth?
68 neck at 65% kinda farmed till i hit 67 for the 3% stamina and im slowly raising it to avoid me wanting to int my life
i have all relevant essences at R3 or higher

Link to your raid logs using using [url]LINK[/url].:

Describe your previous/current raiding experience:
Raided HC during WOTLK
Attempted to raid mythic at start of legion but i was in college during and i ended up quiting after half way through EN due to me being in the US during that period and playing on EU made my sleep schedule Giga yikers

started seriously mythic raiding during uldir spent the first 5-6 months making a guild with a few friends that didnt go well so been looking for a good match since

Tell us about your previous guilds and your reasons for leaving them:
been in 5 guilds since BFA started 1st one was me and my friends left, guild sadly died . 2nd was uldir which disbanded after not getting CE at a 0.6% wipe ): sad times multiple after were guilds ive been joining from friends recommendations which didnt end up to match what was advertised

Can you meet our raid schedule of Wed/Thur/Mon 21:00 to 00:00 server time with at least 90% attendance?
and here is where it sucks for me ^_^
due to my job my schedule changes based on a month to month bases usually i can work around raiding with work swap flights and such
but there will be times when i cant ill have a week or two heads up if that happens

90%+ attendance across the tier yes i think i can do that but i cannot guarantee it

We also raid on Sunday at the start of a new raiding tier. Are you aware of this?
Yes .
Are you able to Listen and Speak on Teamspeak?
What qualities do you bring to a Raid?

How comfortable are you playing your offspecs?
Atm i havent really put effort into playing retri or prot in raids aside from hc boosts or M+ keys
so im sub-bar in those two specs and i wouldnt be comfortable bringing them into mythic just yet, till theyre required ill optimize them more

How do you feel about progression raiding?

Where did you hear about Curse of Years and do you know anyone in the guild?
Got a message in wowprog from Nagassh

What encouraged you to apply to Curse of Years?
From the website and message on wowprog and the guilds wowprog page , you seem organized and stable + message from Nagassh
ive went over the guild on wowprog prior to nagassh message and i was considering it

Do you play outside of raid?
Lately CodMW i miss the old days of shooters , i play all sorts of games 90% of are multiplayer and it tends to be with friends and such i lose interest in solo games i tend to leave them to when i have a work trip with my laptop
Is there anything else you'd like to add to your application?
im not sure if i gave all the required info feel free to contact me on Bnet Zerry#21771 or Discord Zerry#6666 for any additional info
Tell us a joke:
I am terrified of elevators.
I'm going to start taking steps to avoid them.
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by Ryna » 04 Nov 2019, 22:06

Yo, copying to members section for discussion, Someone will get back to you in a few days!
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by Nagassh » 19 Nov 2019, 00:50

Sorry for the slow reply, going to have to decline I'm afraid - a tempting application and one we've spent a fair bit of time discussing, but I think the potential attendance issues are too much of a deal breaker for us.
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